Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today I am trying to use Adobe Contribute. I'm not sure how well this is going to work but I hope that it will work better than live writer. it has a lot more functions and a better user interface. well this is just a test so i hope it goes well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My life going crazy

Hello everyone, today I had a contractor start on an estimate for reroofing the house that I am buying.  I hope that it’s not too much. Tomorrow the utilities get turned on in my name for the inspection that will happen either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Wish me luck.  I haven’t had much time to play much because when I’m not doing school or going crazy over the new house I’m helping my friends fix up their house.  They are letting our family stay in their basement until the purchase is done so we really owe them a lot.  More than we can repay due to the love that they have shown us over the years.  Good friends are great to have.  My buddy shayne has been helping us out with moving stuff into storage and also hooking our other friends up with home improvements as well.  We’re blessed to have so many friends.
My online gaming life has been put on somewhat of a hold.  School has been taking up a lot of time as well as working full time again.  (I was on medical leave) The kids love to take all my time too.  I’m not complaining as this time will go very fast.  Soon my kids won’t want to have me around so I’m enjoying this.  I have to get back on my diet when we move into the house.  The good news is that I’ll get to ride my bike a lot more because I’ll have a place to keep it.  There is so much work to be done in the new house but I can take comfort in knowing that it will be mine.  When it’s done the house will be worth a lot more. And when the economy picks up the value will as well.

This is my house.  It doesn’t look like much but its great inside.  The yard is fenced and large enough for the kids to play in and inside there is 2k sq ft of fun (and hard work) to do.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am displaced. I have been taken in by my great friends while I close on the house.  My family is living in the basement of our friends while we wait for the house situation to resolve itself.  We have moved out of your mobile home and are waiting to enter our dream home.  2000 square feet of “OUR HOME”, and we can’t wait.  That, my friends, is why I have not been on much lately.  Although I miss you guys so much and really need to get to level 50 alas more important items have taken precedence. Real live often barges into our world and we can do nothing but wait and dream of once again of entering our world and fighting the hordes. Wish me luck and I will post pictures of my home as soon as I move in.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventures in Kedge

Last night, as we few intrepid adventures, wandered through the watery depths of the lost keep of kedge, we happened upon not only one but two of the rarest of creatures.  After facing certain death at the jaws of the cauldron sharks and avoiding the impalement upon swordfish, our luck turned for the better.  In a chamber below the main hall, the golden haired mermaid swam unaware of our presence.  We were able to take the fierce creature and, for our prize we were awarded a lock hair from her golden mane.  Thinking that our adventures were finished for the night we relaxed in the clam that comes after the storm.  Just as we relax in our victory we were set upon by the ravenous Cauldronboil.  Strike after strike, blow after blow the beast took from the mighty Vangorr yet it kept coming. I lent my blades in the hopes of striking a vital spot thus giving Vangorr the opportunity go fell the beast. At last the killing blow was dealt and the creature lie still upon the ancient tile floor.  To my great surprise, within the gullet of the beast I found the lost kedgemail gauntlets.  Our adventure was at an end however we vowed to revisit the lost keep to discover what other wonders lay within its watery recesses.

From screenshots
From screenshots

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life Happens

Every now and then something will happen that will bring you to both the edge of tears as well as laughter.  Today as I sit playing on my little computer in a world of my own, my daughter comes to me with a sweet look on her face.  I look into the eyes that make me smile and as I take in her smile I notice that something is a little wrong.  It would seem that my darling little girl had gotten hold of a pair of scissors and had tried to make herself beautiful.  There in the middle of her forehead I saw a patch of stubble that extended two inches by four inches from front to back. The joy in seeing my daughter turned to shock and I quickly thought of so many different things.  “How did this happen?” “Did she do this to herself or was it a friend?” “Did she cut herself?” “How was I going to fix this?”  I had so many different thoughts at once.  I hurt for my daughter and the pain that she would go through. 
My wife and I decided that the only way to really fix this was to cut off all her hair.  Although very traumatic for a girl it was our only choice.  We striped her and started to cut off her hair.  I thought to myself as I cut “my daughter is going to look like Britney spears”  She had her bath when it was all over and of course we have pictures, but now she looks so sweet in her head scarf. 
My little boy, so as to lessen the pain that his sister was going through wanted to cut his hair too.  He was fine with it until I actually started cutting but by then it was too late.  So now I have two little bald children.  My son wanted me to cut my hair as well and I thought about it.  In the end I kept my hair as did my wife and my daughter, hopefully, has learned her lesson. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sleepy time

Sorry I haven’t written. I’ve been very tired. So tired in fact that I had trouble sleeping (go figure) I was up for the better part of the night so when 6am came I had to call in. it was that or fall asleep on the phone. Feeling like crud I actually managed to get some sleep (until 10). Well today is a great day despite feeling like crud. It’s great because I weigh 310lbs. I don’t know if losing all this weight all of a sudden is making me feel like this or if it’s something else. Well I’ve been eating the meals regularly and I’m not really starving so that’s good. I’m not going to go over what I eat each day any more as I don’t think that it’s important. We know that there powered food and prepackaged and not all that tasty so let’s just leave it at that.

Life has been going slow so I’ve tried a new game or two. One is borderlands. It’s not too bad as first person shooters go. It’s really a shooter/role playing game kind of. It’s slow and not too hard. The other is dragon age origins. I thought that this game was going to be great, however as I play I noticed that the different choices that you get in the dialog all lead to the same place regardless. This doesn’t make sense because if you tell someone that there crazy there going to react differently than if you tell them you love them. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are wonderful and the idea of the game is great but it would be nice if it was a little more free flowing. I feel as if I’m just following the script and I’m not really part of the game. Sadly most role playing games are like this. Well good night everyone I’ll be going to bed soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello everyone, it’s me. Of course it’s me, it’s my blog. Today has been a great day. We woke up at 9 and got ready to go to Ikea, (just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen). And by 10:30 we were off. Yes it took us an hour and a half to get ready; the joys of children. Actually I had to get a box ready to send to my sister.

Ok let’s get the food stuff out of the way. Today I weighed 314 and had eggs at 9 a lemon bar at 12, chicken soup at 3, tuna salad (green) at 6, and will have pudding at 8 and a shake at 10. Ok so that’s done.

At Ikea we purchased a set of bunk beds. This was about 11:30 and my wife hadn’t eaten yet so she was rather grumpy. I’m always grumpy now (you eat only powered food for a week and not be grumpy) so we got into a little spif at the car putting the big box in. Well after that I took my heart into the store to get her some food so she would stop biting my head off. Were home now taking some time to eat dinner and then its off to finish putting together the bunk beds.